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Image via Belletto Studios

As a beauty copywriter, I have written countless websites and product descriptions for everything from pro hair tools and hair care products for NuMe Professional Styling Products (Now L'ANGE) to cosmetics and entire skin care lines for Belletto Studios Cosmetics for example. I have developed numerous skin care concepts and product names, my favorite being Belletto Studio's Hide & Go Chic Concealer Quad and their Genius line. If you click here, you can check out some of the different skin care products and concepts that I have come up with. There is also a complete skin care book that I wrote surrounding a line concept called Dermavasion.

All of these lines are completely different and sold to different demographics. The voice that represents the brand is specifically tailored to the audience it's meant for. Who are these people? What are their needs and what about these products can meet those needs?​​

The audience of Belletto is comprised of 18-24-year-olds with a price point of under $50, so the copy is more fun, more trendy and can be more poppy.

Versus a product with a higher price point written for mature women like the one below:

Opulenz Balancing Toner

150ml e 5 FL. OZ.

“Illuminate your radiance.“

• Brightens and tones

• Skin feels soft, supple and refreshed

• Removes excess dirt without drying

• Controls surface shine

• Tightening properties

• Smooths skin surface

• Improves skin circulation

• Refines Pores


Enhance your beauty to the ultimate level of luxury. Opulenz Balancing Toner helps to balance skin's natural pH levels, leaving a polished illuminated glow. Remove excess oils deep within pores to limit surface shine, control inflammation and brighten dull skin. Put your skin in peak condition to receive all Opulenz serums, treatments, and a wealth of nourishment for your ultimate treasure.

The second product used words like luxury and wealth, while the first has the words, "love potion."

These are very small examples, but both descriptions work with the ingredients to tell the story of the product.​​

Image via NuMe

I research every ingredient to the fullest and talk about it in the language of the brand and the audience. If I'm writing about acne products, I will focus on words like purifying and pore clearing but will use words like plumping and tightening for anti-aging skin care. I will also research key words to enhance the online searchability of the product.

The part that makes things tricky is when a line has many products that are made and do essentially the same thing. When I rewrote the NuMe website, I had to come up with a million ways to talk about the benefits of many flat irons and curling wands made from ceramic. I once took a photography class where an assignment was given that had me use a whole role of film on one subject. I took 36 photos of a cup. Writing for product lines like this always remind me of that assignment and the phrase, "There's more than one way to skin a cat."

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