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As a freelance copywriter traveling the world, it's a beautiful thing to find a consistent, long-term project with a client that you love. Writing for fashion eCommerce sites usually comes with a revolving door of products each season, and a lot of new work to do, but may also have countless pieces that are very similar. The most time-consuming aspect of writing product descriptions is to be able to tell hundreds of mini-stories for each item despite being very similar to the previous one you've written. Other things one must know before getting busy on fashion copy are the names of cuts, materials and styles of each piece. Capped sleeves, linen or french lace trim are just a few key terms that a fashion copywriter must know.

I recently wrote for the outrageous rave and party store Trendzfair. I was free to be as cheeky as some of the pieces themselves and found myself writing for lingerie, fashion bikinis, and a whole lot more. It was a very different experience than writing for the fashion store Cute & Cool whose clients are a little less flashy but are among the same age demographic.

Cute & Cool is an eCommerce fashion boutique that carries a vast selection of "hyper-feminine" outfits and accessories for the high-class girlie-girl.

The most challenging store that I ever wrote for was for SkinnyTees, an online store that carries basics like leggings, camis, and T-shirts. the challenge was in telling a new story 50 times in a row and that's why they pay me the big bucks!

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