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Esthetician Turned Copywriter & Marketing Expert

It wasn't supposed to happen this way. I was going to be a big, famous makeup artist and travel the world. Well, I did end up traveling the world, but it was copywriting that got me there.

Over 17 years ago, I became a licensed esthetician, hair, and makeup artist. I became an ingredient nerd and the self-described Bill Nye the Science Guy of beauty, I love taking advanced concepts and making them comprehensive, fun, and relatable. (And sellable!)


Along with doing film and fashion makeup, I was working in high-end spas, salons, held retail salon management positions, and was a corporate educator and brand representative for multiple beauty brands in wellness, luxury spa, and retail environments. But then I started making tutorials for and it was all over; soon I was writing on an R&D team for a cosmetics company.


I really kicked-off my copywriting career at a beauty marketing agency where I helped develop multiple brands and their copy. Since then I have written three beauty courses complete with videos, four books on skincare, and beauty, and have provided hundreds of educational beauty videos, blogs, and websites (marketing copy, product descriptions, about me, FAQs) for brands like JAFRA International,, TONIG&GUY, COVERGIRL, and E! Entertainment as a beauty editor.


Recently, I've been copywriting and blogging for Starpil Wax USA, a distributor of Starpil Wax Spain. They are a B2B brand where I have been at the forefront of changing their brand and blog aesthetic. I created full content calendars that aligned with current events, inventory, and our social media teams. From customer personas and marketing strategies, I was able to provide corporate training to our sales team, create one-sheets and branding guidelines for new product launches and take them through the holidays with new products selling out immediately on the new products. We did what no other Starpil distributor could do, including Spain.


Last June, I left a role with Anastasia Beverly Hills as their Educational Content Writer and have been working remotely and successfully as a freelance copywriter for numerous beauty clients ever since. My roles as a marketing copywriter have afforded me a strong command of the following:


• Branding and storytelling
• Direct mail and online campaigns
• Full websites and product development
• Blogs and education
• The English language
• SEO practices


Now that you know a little bit about me, why don't give me a holler and tell me a little bit about you?



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