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In my life as a Style Director, my question is always who am I speaking to? It’s about fashion and creativity, but my role is truly about a visual conversation with a consumer. I present concepts to people about their style and lifestyle. My job is to know the people I’m speaking to in the voice of my brand. .

Branding and marketing are the biggest part of what I do. These roles require working within creative teams and collaborating with creative teams to make sure that your brand’s inventory is speaking correctly to its demographic.

Being a Style Director is being aware of color, fabrics, cuts, and silhouettes. I’m lucky that my path can facilitate my ability to transmit ideas to other beauty and style professionals to translate the message of a shoot. Directing a model on how to move her body to show off the selling points of an article of clothing is like a dance and one of my favorite parts of my job. I love to be involved with all aspects of a photo or video shoot process from sketching ideas and hiring freelancers, to being on the ground smoothing a pleat from the hem of a skirt.

Here are just some of the brands that I have directed and produced for:

A La Tzarina Illa Illa See You Monday Bonage USA Lara Fashion Sun 'n Moon Bold N Beautiful Le Shop Tea 'n Cup

Green Pea Luxe Urbanista

Grifflin Paris Maronie Urban X

HerShe Mono B Wanna B

Heart 'n Hips Oh My Julian Wasabi Mint

Honey Punch Passarella


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