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I was hired at Glam Seamless as a freelance copywriter for all of their copy needs. I worked mainly with their CEO to write all catalog, product descriptions, email campaigns and key website page copy. I created all of the mock-ups, worked with their website developers on the layouts and flow, and partnered with other executives for all of their marketing copy needs.

Here is just a taste of how I collaborated with Glam Seamless.

Created the layout, flow and copy for their About Us page.

Wrote the landing page for their salon partnership packages, organized all of the content for all five packages: Boss Babe, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum.

A closer look.

A mock-up for their newly-launched Try-On Box

Wrote countless long and short-form product descriptions, product names, how-tos and pro tips for all of their best-selling products like their 24K Perfect Styling Brush.

Created a whole new layout and flow for their flagship store page.

Complete Mock-Up for their After Care / Catalog Booklet


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